Demo makeRez


Doing The Demo

The best way to demo makeRez is to first download the makeRez Demo Book with its training exercises and go through some of them. Its probably best to print it out once it is downloaded. We recommend you spend a bit of time perusing the Demo Book itself before jumping into the demo with both feet. Once you are ready to start the demo, the login is demouser and the password is also demouser. Don’t worry about making any changes to the demo database, since it is refreshed every night. You can start the demo by going to The Guest page.

While the Demo Book goes into more detail, here is a quick sample exercise to get started.

You just received a phone call from Kyle Davidson who has never stayed with you before. Kyle wants to make a new reservation. The information they gave you over the phone is:

Name: Kyle Davidson

Email: kyle1234@gmail.com

Address: 4321 Anderson Road, Asheville, NC 26703

Phone: (828) 555-1111

Special Requests: None

Number of adults: 2

Number of children: 0

Date requested: Jan 12, 2016

Number of nights: 4

Room choice: Any

No pets

Reason for coming: Anniversary, How they found you: Google search, No special involved

Please go to Exercise 1 of the Demo Book to continue.