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The Dashboard page provides a review of some of the important past and pending actions that makeRez is involved with. It shows you reservations and inquiries that have been made in the last week. Dashboard also shows the last times you have backed up sensitive data, pending and past due reminders, and information about your occupancy rates and revenue projections.



The Guest page is your primary way to enter data about a inquiry or guest and includes demographic information (name, address,…), phone information, booking information (arrival date, number of nights,…) and workflow information (booking confirmation sent, contract sent, …). The workflow section of the Guest page allows you to actually make a guest booking, send a contract, record a gift card purchase and keep track of a variety workflow steps that help you understand how a guest/inquiry is in working with you. In addition, the Guest page also allows you to view the documents that have emailed to your guest (contract, welcome, thank you,..), reminders that you have created that are associated with this guest and also financial transactions, payments and purchases from their stay.


The Calendar page is your key resource in understanding your availability, and provides the ability to quickly jump from partial guest information (guest ID, number of guests,…) available within the Calendar page to the guest page containing full information for your guest.  Please note that the actual booking on the calendar is normally done either through the Guest page described in more detail in Module 4 or through one of the Internet Booking Widgets described below.

The Report page helps you to understand all the valuable information that you have collected on your guests/inquiries and to use that information to more effectively market your property. Collecting good information is the key to this and the Guest page allows you to easily update and modify guest data as required. The Report page contains variety of reports ranging from a zip code map to help you understand where your customers are coming from to reports that look at yearly revenue and occupancy rates and compare them to past years.

The Search page allows you to look for guests/inquiries that match specific criteria, such as  guests who came to your property between May 30, 2015 and December 15, 2015 that also were from the state of Kentucky. Searches are either based on guest/inquiry demographics, such as the one above, or on specific elements in the workflow (guests who are on your wait List). Another search that can be done is to look at the reminders and do a search based for reminders that match a specific criteria.

The Admin page provides the ability of makeRez to be customized to more closely match how you run your business. Your business may run in a very different manner than that of another makeRez  To that end, we try to have makeRez adapt to you rather than forcing you to adapt to makeRez.  Some of the areas that can be customized include what rooms/suites/cabins you are managing and their specifics, how you want to handle minimum stay requirements, what sources of guests/inquiries are important and many more.