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Video Training

Take the following Video Tours of makeRez

Look at a General Overview of how makeRez works and the way it is split up into six different major areas; the Dashboard, Guest Information, Searches, Reports, the Calendar, and Admin functions to maintain the database and the email templates. Learn about how the makeRez functionality is split into those pages and how using makeRez can help you manage your properties more efficiently and put more “Heads in Your Beds”.

The Dashboard Page: is the first page you will encounter when you login to makeRez. It provides a high level overview of your properties operating metrics, and some of the important reservations and inquiries that have come in recently. Take a Tour of the Dashboard Page.

The Guest Page: You will probably spend the bulk of your time in the Guest page. It there you will enter in new inquiries and reservations that you take over the phone, or via a potential guest emailing you with questions. The guest page is also where you make bookings, send contracts, enter folks into the wait list, and other lists for marketing purposes. Its also where you can enter in financial transaction information for guest purchases and payment and look at reminders that are tied to the guests visit. On the guest page you can also view the guest contract, confirmation email and other documents related to the guests stay. Take a Tour of the Guest page.

The Calendar Page: Do you have availability for these dates. For 8 people? The Calendar Page is the go to place to answer those questions. It is used to understand your current open rooms and to help guide prospective guest towards open days on the calendar. Take a Tour of the Calendar page.

The Search Page: Often you have partial information on a guest, like you remember they had an 843 area code, or they came through tripAdvisor. The Guest Search part of the Search page can come to your aide to locate them. Also you can search for guests based on their workflow state. So you can show all the guests that contacted you last year that you simply told you had “no room”. That is the role of the Workflow Search. Finally you can look for notes you have entered in the system to remind you to take a second payment, book a massage for a guest, or simply schedule the window cleaner to make everything perfect for “leaf viewing” season. Take a Tour of the Search page.

The Report Page: Understanding where your guests are coming from and also many of the reasons they are coming to your property. They also detail many of your operating statistics like monthly revenue and occupancy. Reports can also give you a breakdown of the revenue for the month and allow you to export that information into a spreadsheet that can be imported into a financial analysis tool like Quicken. Take A Tour of the Reports page.

The Admin Page: How to customize makeRez, and adapt it to the operation of your properties. A closer look at the Config, Property, Sources and minStay tables. Take a Tour of the Admin page

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